Live Music Milonga in Santa Barbara!

This Sunday, April 24, there will be a last minute LIVE MUSIC milonga! Korey Ireland, Ben Bogart and their group Los Gatos Azules will be coming through Santa Barbara, so we will have the opportunity to dance to their music. I realize this is last minute AND it is Easter Sunday, but who could pass up such an opportunity?! Not I!

The details!
When: Sunday, April 24. 8:00pm - ??
Where: 48 Helena Ave. 93101 in the Funk Zone
Live music by Los Gatos Azules starting at 10:00
Recorded music DJed by Korey Ireland
$10 cover
Water will be provided. You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or a snack.
Parking: There is limited street parking. You may have to walk a block or so. Carpooling is encouraged.
The floor is polished cement and has some slick spots. Bring your comfiest shoes.

That means that this week the practica will be CANCELLED.

Los Gatos Azules will be playing again on Monday night in San Luis Obispo at the Steynberg Gallery. Details can be found here.

Also, if you have a little floor space and wouldn’t mind hosting a musician or two for the night, please let me know! All they need is a little space to put down an air mattress.

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